Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Engagement Rings in Different Types

Zirconique - 0396.jpg - -CZ Engagement Ring 035 Round Channel & Prong
Choosing an engagement ring can be nerve wracking. This is not just about purchasing clothes or food that only last momentarily. Engagement ring is meant to be used for a lifetime. It is supposed to be a symbol of love and commitment that couples share with each other. So, choosing the right engagement ring is critical.
When finding the right engagement ring, product and quality comparison is helpful. There are few kinds of engagement rings to choose from. Looking at them one by one can help you make the decision on choosing the best one for you. 

14K Gold: This engagement ring is quite popular in the market. It is probably the least expensive out of all types of engagement rings. It is made up of about 58% of gold and about 41% of pure alloys.  14K Gold is quite popular for its durability, strength, rust resistance and elegant color. 

18K Gold: This engagement ring is a classic gem that is made up of about 75% gold and about 25% of pure alloy. It is known for soft and flexible metal. Just like the 14K it is easy to clean and polish.  It is also resistant to rust and does not easily get worn off. Lastly, it has rich yellow gold color that many find irresistible.

Palladium: This engagement ring offers one of the rarest metals that breed high value. It is crafted out of 95% palladium and 5% pure alloys. Although it is less expensive than platinum, it offers great strength, durability and quality that can withstand rusts, stains and scratches. It has permanent white color and known for being hypoallergenic. 

Platinum: This engagement ring is probably the most expensive rings out there. But the expense comes with great value. Platinum rings are made up of 95% platinum and 5% pure alloys. It is considered pure, flawless and high quality designed to last a lifetime. 

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CZ Engagement Rings, a Symbol of Lasting Relationship

 Zirconique - 0516.jpg - -CZ Engagement Ring  0516 Round Prong And Baguette Chanel Combination
June is one of the most favorable months for many social events. It is summer, the weather is good and everyone loves to have a good time. It is also the perfect time to celebrate love and commitment with the special person in your life. That includes marriage proposal in the most romantic way and with the most beautiful engagement rings you can ever find. 

Even though marriage proposal itself is something your partner will find difficult to turn down, you cannot overlook and underestimate the power of engagement rings in making the marriage proposal a true success. 

Shopping for the right engagement rings can be a daunting task. It has to be the right fit, the one that you can call ‘the one’. The right engagement ring has to be about quality, elegance, beauty and durability, much like the qualities anyone expects from a great and long lasting relationship. 

At Cubic Zirconia Jewelry, engagement rings are being taken seriously. CZ engagement rings take pride in being the best engagement rings meant for a memorable wedding and long lasting marriage. When you are looking for the perfect ring, you can never go wrong with these rings. 

Every single engagement ring it offers breeds high quality and beauty that is crafted and designed for long lasting use. CZ engagement rings are offered in white, gold and pure platinum that range between the 14K to 18K. Every ring contains diamond that truly sparkles. Every ring has a mark of uniqueness and elegance that any woman will be proud of. Different designs are available according to any couple’s specifications. The reasonable and affordable prices also make these fine and beautiful engagement rings quite irresistible and worth having. 

For more information on the fine quality and beauty of engagement rings and jewelries, visit Cubic Zirconia Jewelry.