Friday, October 9, 2009

Buying CZ Engagement Rings: A Smart Choice

Even though buying cz engagement rings has been seen as a cheap move, many jewelry enthusiasts say it is a smart decision.  CZ engagement rings do not lose their beauty just because they are not real diamonds.  It is hard to tell the difference between cz engagement rings and real expensive diamonds and are frequently mistaken.  CZ engagement rings are a fraction of the price and a beautiful alternative to traditional damonds.  It is very important to know that cz engagement rings are very durable especially for those who like to wear their ring everyday.  

The best part about cz engagement rings is that they are available in a variety of choices, just like diamonds.   You can get cz engagement rings in many different shapes and sizes and the choices are endless.   Just imagine all the beauty that you want without the high price tag!

With that said, cz engagement rings are the smarter choice with the look and same choices as real diamonds, why would anyone pay thousands more for diamonds.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

CZ Engagement Rings: How To Pick The Perfect One

It can be very hard to pick the perfect cz engagement ring but with a little research you are sure to find the right one.  CZ engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes in regards to the stones.  The key is to find out what stone shape your fiance loves.  The most popular shapes are the round and princess cut stones.  The brilliance is absolutely spectacular for these two cuts.  More and more people are turning to the cushion cut these days, which also has a fabulous shine to it.  The cushion cut cz engagement ring is in between a round and princess cut; imagine a princess stone with rounded corners.  The size and shape of a womans fingers also can make a difference.  If she has long fingers, then a marquise cut center stone would suit her just fine.  Choosing the perfect cz engagement ring doesn't have to be difficult, just give it a try!